Why choose private treatment in an NHS hospital?

You may have asked yourself why choose to have your private treatment in an NHS hospital?  The key is the back-up support you can expect, if you need emergency treatment. 

In deciding to have your treatment as a private patient within an NHS hospital, you are assured of a comprehensive range of facilities on-site around the clock.  The hospital has the latest up-to-date clinical facilities, including all levels of intensive care facilities.  The hospital's operating theatres are fully equipped to undertake a wide range surgery (including specialised orthopaedic procedures), which are carried our in our state of the art theatres.

Your Consultant is always available to see you immediately in an emergency situation and you have immediate access to any additional care which may be required.  This includes access to a range of diagnostic facilities.  It is, therefore rare, for you to need to be transferred for specialist treatment.

Supporting the NHS

All income generated by the Shalbourne Suite is invested in the Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust for the benefit of patient services.