If you are insured, you need to let your insurance company know you are attending the Shalbourne Hospital before you visit. They will tell you whether your policy will cover the treatment and how to make a claim.

When you visit, please remember to bring the following information so that we can settle your account with your insurance company:

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Registration number
  • The scale or level of your insurance cover
  • Claim form
  • Claim number or authorisation code

Claim forms

Most insurance companies require you and either your GP or consultant to complete the claim form. Where possible, you need to make sure it is completed before or on admission. Once we have the correct information and authorisation, we will send our invoice directly to your insurance company.

Please note: As the patient, you are responsible for making sure your account is settled in full. This means any payment reminders will be sent to you and you’ll need to cover any shortfall.