Private funding

If you don’t have medical insurance or don’t want to wait for an NHS referral, you can choose to fund your treatment yourself.

Fixed price packages

No one wants to run the risk of spiralling costs, so our fixed price packages offer real peace of mind. Following a medical assessment, we agree a fixed cost with you that stays the same, no matter what your treatment involves.

We will require full payment seven days before your admission date.

Pay as you go

You can choose to self-pay on a pay as you go basis. Just bear in mind the overall cost could prove more or less expensive, depending on what’s involved. You’ll receive an invoice for the hospital fees after your discharge; your consultant and anaesthetist will invoice you separately to cover their professional fees.

How do I pay

You can pay by:

  • Credit card: either Visa, Mastercard or Maestro debit card
  • Cheque, payable to Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Payment by BACS is available on request

Additional costs such as transport, international calls and visitors' meals, are charged separately.