Health News
    10th Jun 2019

    Don’t be shy about being screened, says Shalbourne gynaecologist Miss Lalrinawmi – a simple smear test could save your life.

    Cervical Screening Awareness Week - June 2019

    There are a lot of myths around cervical screening – or what many of us know as a smear test. Those myths, together with th...

    22nd Apr 2019

    Snoring and the search for a good night's sleep

    We all know how it feels if we don't get enough sleep. Whether you are someone who snores, or have a bed-partner who snores, a poor night's sleep can have a major impact on your abillity to work and enjoy normal life.

    "Snoring is not something you...

    8th Apr 2019

    "Prostate cancer is actually the most common cancer in men."

    Rupert Beck, Consultant Urologist is urging men to find out more about male specific cancers, to discover whether they are at high risk, and what symptoms they should be looking out for.

    The Orchid Male Cancer Awareness Week takes pl...

    10th Mar 2019

    Don't let the silent thief steal your eyesight

    Glaucoma is the leading cause of sight-loss in the UK, affecting 1 in 50 people over 40. Sometimes called the "silent thief of sight" due to its gradual onset, it causes damage to the optic nerve, but often begins with no symptoms at all. And men are...

    20th Jun 2018

    This week is National Rheumatoid Arthritis Week, which raises awareness of a condition that's little known, yet can have a significant impact on work, education and relationships.

    Here Dr Sara Carty, Consultant Rheumatologist at Shalbourne, explains what it is, and how with treatment the outlook...

    16th May 2018

    Robin Bhatia, Consultant Spinal Neurosurgeon here at Shalbourne, answers some questions and advises how to reduce the risk of injuring the spinal cord.

    Q. How can spinal injuries be caused?

    The spinal cord can be injured in a number of ways. In the UK the commonest causes are falls, road traffic...

    11th Apr 2018

    Amr Hawary, Consultant Urologist here at Shalbourne, explains the signs and symptoms that men - and their partners - should be aware of, and when to get themselves checked out.

    Q. What sort of thing should I be checking for?

    A. In the case of testicular cancer, if you feel any abnormal mass on s...