Snoring and the search for a good night's sleep

We all know how it feels if we don't get enough sleep. Whether you are someone who snores, or have a bed-partner who snores, a poor night's sleep can have a major impact on your abillity to work and enjoy normal life.

"Snoring is not something you can choose to stop doing," says Mr Deepak Gupta, Consultant ENT Surgeon with a special interest in nasal and sinus problems here at Shalbourne Private Health Care.

"However, it can be successfully managed and controlled. The key to tackling snoring is to identify the physical problem causing the snoring for each individual."

Getting snoring under control

Many people try to ignore the problem, believing nothing can be done, or try solutions which simply don't address the cause of their own snoring. Understandibly, they give up trying to find a soution and put up with the damage to their quality of life.

"The good news is that often it is not as difficult as it seems," says Mr Gupta. "There is usually something that can be done to make a big difference for patients with snoring problems. Also, getting treatment for snoring can sometimes also identify other health problems which patients might not have been aware of."