Dr Andrew Claridge
Dr Andrew Claridge

Andrew Claridge Consultant, Gastroenterologist

Dr Claridge is a clinical lead for gastroenterology, an honorary lecturer at the University of Bristol and gastroenterology board member for the MRCP exam. He graduated from Manchester in 1999 and undertook post graduate training in New Zealand and Australia. He has travelled widely as a junior doctor, completing a post graduate degree in expedition medicine with an interest in travelling with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. After settling into specialist training in Wessex he focused on illnesses of the lower gastrointestinal tract and completed a PhD in the role of microRNAs (a type of DNA) in inflammatory Bowel Disease. Dr Claridge is a keen teacher and has an MSc in education. He believes passionately in self-improvement and encourages patients to understand and manage their own illnesses.

Awards received

  • MSD IBD Academy fellowship 2011/2012
  • ECCO award 2011
  • North West Kidney Club prize 1999


Ph.D. “A study of the role of microRNAs in Inflammatory Bowel Disease: The effect of miR-31 dysregulation in the expression of TSLP in Ulcerative Colitis”

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  • (2012) “The role of miRNAs mir-31 and mir-155 in the deregulation of the IL-13 pathway in Ulcerative Colitis”
  • (2012) “The role of histone deacetylase inhibition in ex-vivo and in-vitro models of inflammatory bowel disease”
  • (2011) “What is the educational value of ward rounds? A learner and teacher perspective”
  • (2010) “Teaching and learning on busy post-take ward rounds”
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  • (2009) “Can nutritional state on admission be used to predict 30 day mortality in patients presenting with alcoholic liver disease?”
  • (2006) “The Octreotide test dose is not a reliable predictor of the subsequent response to somatostatin analogue therapy in patients with acromegally”
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  • (2002) “Screening for cystic fibrosis related diabetes”
  • (2002) “A re-audit of screening for cystic fibrosis related diabetes”.

Personal interests

When not at work he is a keen follower of many sports and an enthusiastic outdoorsman. He has always been physically active and believes in the importance of fitness of both body and mind. More recently Dr Claridge has taken to commuting the 60km a day to work and back and has an ongoing personal aim of being able to complete each year the number of press-ups equal to his age in one go!