Dr Paul Foley
Dr Paul Foley

Paul Foley Consultant, Cardiologist

Dr Foley qualified in 1997 and was appointed as a consultant at The Great Western Hospital in 2009. Dr Foley specialises in heart failure and rhythm issues and sees patients with breathlessness, chest pain, palpitations, blackouts. He is one of the specialists in pacemaker & defibrillator implants (including His Bundle pacing) implantation. He also works with the dedicated cardiology research team dedicated to clinical trials.

Research & Publications

  • Ongoing research into his bundle pacing, PA pressure monitoring, heart failure with preserved and reduced ejection fraction, genetic screening and treatment of acute coronary syndromes.
  • More than 50 peer reviewed publications in NEJM, EHJ, JACC, Europace, PACE, Heart, JRCM, Clin Med, J Clin Electrophysiology, EHJ cardiovasc imaging, EHJ Fail, J Cardiovasc Med, Indian Pacing EJ, Int J Card, QJM, Blood, JR Soc Med, Cardiovasc Surgery, EJVES. 44 abstracts including presentations at ACC, AHA, ESC.
  • Clinical advisor to NICE, NCEPOD (acute HF).
  • Deputy Director research and innovation.

Personal Interests

Married with 3 young children.

Contact Details

Private Secretary: Tina Radway - Telephone: 01793 646214 Fax 01793646282

He sees patients privately in the Wiltshire Cardiac Centre for urgent rapid access consultations and for tests as part of Shalbourne Private Health Care - 01793 646060.