Dr Sahid Ahmed
Dr Sahid Ahmed

Sahid Ahmed Consultant, Endocrinology

Dr Ahmed is the Lead Clinician for Diabetes and Endocrinology having been in the Trust for over 17 years and specialises in a whole range of endocrine conditions and general diabetes and young adult diabetes conditions. Dr Ahmed also helps set up and run the weight management clinics for patients pre-and post bariatric surgery and carries out gastric band adjustments.

Research & Publications

Decline of Beta-cell function in type two diabetes with time. Ahmed S, Clark A., Matthews DR. Current Opinion in Endocrinology and Diabetes vol 4 no.4 p300-307,1997.

Outcome of Transphenoidal Surgery for Acromegaly and its Relationship to Surgical Experience. S. Ahmed, M. Elsheikh, R.C.L. Page, C.B.T. Adams, J.A.H. Wass. Clinical Endocrinology, Vol 50, Issue 5, May 1999 p561-566. (Abstracts presented at British Endocrine Society, Dublin 1996 and at the International Congress of Endocrinology, San Francisco 1996) 278 citations.

INS VNTR allelic variation and dynamic insulin secretion in healthy, adult non-diabetic Caucasian subjects. S. Ahmed, S.T. Bennett, S.J. Huxtable, J.A. Todd, D.R. Matthews, S.C.L. Gough. Diabetic Medicine, 16,910-917. 1999 (Oral presentation at British Diabetic Asssociation, Bournemouth 1997).

Allelic variation at the INS VNTR locus is associated with changes in the pattern of pulsatile insulin release. S. Ahmed, S.T. Bennett, S.J. Huxtable, J.A. Todd, D.R. Matthews, S.C.L. Gough. Diabetalogia (1998) 41: Suppl 1 A148. (Presented at European Association for the Study of Diabetes, Barcelona, 1998).

Fasting basal glucose concentration is inversely related to both insulin pulsatility and first-phase insulin response in normal subjects. Ahmed S., Matthews DR. Diabetes 1997; 46: suppl.1 217A (Presented at the American Diabetes Association meeting in Boston, June 1997. Oral presentation at the Anglo-Danish-Dutch Diabetes Group meeting, Denmark, May 1997)

Fasting glucose concentration has a greater effect than BMI on insulin pulsatility in normal subjects Ahmed S., Matthews DR. Diabetologia 1997; vol 40: suppl 1 A99. (Presentated at the International Diabetes Federation Congress, Helsinki in July 1997)

Role of exercise in diabetes management. Talk at the Oxford Symposium for Diabetes Nurse Specialists , St. Anne's College, Oxford 1997.

Numerous talks and presentations to General Practitioners, Hospital staff and students.

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