Dr Tom Hyde
Dr Tom Hyde

Tom Hyde Consultant, Cardiologist

BSc(Hons) 1992 Imperial College Molecular Sciences James Hope gold medal prize for cardiology , St George’s MBBS 1993 St George’s London MD (University of London) 2006 FRCP

As well as being a highly experienced general cardiologist Dr Hyde has a specialist interest in the prevention and management of coronary artery disease. He has worked at the Great Western Hospital as a consultant since 2006.

He is approachable, available and has had positive feedback about his consulting style. He sees patients at short notice and can arrange any tests required quickly.

His specialist training was at Barts and the London Chest Hospitals in East London, at the time it was the highest volume cardiac centre in the UK. He also spent time in the lipid clinic at the Royal London Hospital.

Dr Hyde's research was undertaken at the world famous Green Lane Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand and he was clinically based studying the outcomes of patients with acute coronary conditions, which in turn led to an MD. Dr Hyde has a busy NHS practice at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon.

He has trained in Cardiac CT at Harefield hospital and on an ACC/BCS preceptorship exchange in Beverley Hills Los Angeles. He has an interest in using CT to help diagnose coronary artery disease and enjoy explaining the results by going through the images with patients

Areas of interest

Angina; Atrial fibrillation; Acute coronary syndrome (ACS); Coronary and ischaemic heart disease; Interventional cardiology; Hypertension; Angiography; Hyperlipidaemia; Arrhythmias;Cardiology; Syncope; Computed tomography (CT); Coronary stenting;Cholesterol Website:

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Clinic Times

Dr Hyde has a regular clinic on Mondays 1:30-5pm at the BMI Ridgeway Hospital 01793 816062

He also sees patients privately in the Wiltshire Cardiac Centre for urgent rapid access consultations and for tests as part of Shalbourne Private Health Care. 01793 646060

Contact Details

Private Secretary: Kim Lach 01793 646215 Fax 01793646282

Ridgeway Appointments – Sarah 01793816062

Dr Hyde:

Dr Hyde is actively involved in research at the Great Western Hospital looking into ways of improving heart attack care.

Previous publications

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