Getting access to high quality private healthcare when you need it, may not cost as much as you think. See the list below for some indicative prices for some of the treatments and clinical services we can provide.

SpecialtyProcedure DescriptionInclusive Fixed Price PackageIncluding Initial ConsultationIncluding DiagnosticsIncluding Consultant Follow Up
EyesCataract removal - one eye (implant standard lens (local anaesthetic))£2,300YesYesYes
EyesCataract removal - one eye (implant standard lens (general anaesthetic))£2,700YesYesYes
EyesPars plana Vitrectomy/vitreous biopsy (local anaesthetic)£4,100Yesn/aYes
EyesIntravitreal eye injection ONLY - OUTPATIENT£1,425Yesn/aYes
EyesIntravitreal eye injection OUTPATIENT With OCT£1,585Yesn/aYes
Varicose VeinsVaricose Vein removal, laser treatment (EVLT) one leg£2,573YesYesYes
Varicose VeinsVaricose Vein removal (multiple), laser treatment (EVLT) one leg£2,958YesYesYes
Bones/Joints & SpineTotal hip replacement (standard prosthesis)£10,980YesYesYes
Bones/Joints & SpineTotal knee replacement (standard prosthesis)£10,990YesYesYes
Bones/Joints & SpineKnee arthroscopy£4,050YesYesYes
Bones/Joints & SpineHip arthroscopy£6,200YesYesYes
Bones/Joints & SpineSpine decrompression surgery (1 to 2 levels)£8,995YesYesYes
General SurgeryLaparoscopic cholecystectomy£5,300YesYesYes
General SurgeryOpen cholecystectomy£6,300YesYesYes
General SurgeryTherapeutic ERCP (without stent)£3,400Yesn/aYes
General SurgerySentinel node mapping for breast cancer with blue dye and radioactive probe£5,350YesYesYes
General SurgeryIORT breast£12,750YesYesYes
General SurgeryHernia Repairs (including inguinal, incisional, umbilical)£2,750YesYesYes
CardiologyTransoesophageal echocardiography - Day case£2,360YesYesYes
CardiologyTransoesophageal echocardiography - OUTPATIENT£1,270YesYesYes
Pain ManagementEpidural injection (lumbar/caudal)£1,485YesYesYes
CardiologyCardiac pacemaker system introduced through vein (dual chamber) STANDARD £6,650YesYesYes
CardiologyAdult cardiac catheterisation - radial access £3,415YesYesYes
CardiologyExternal cardioversion£2,250YesYesYes
General SurgeryShave biopsy of lesion of skin (local anaesthetic) OUTPATIENT£791Yesn/aYes
General SurgerySkin Lesion removal (head & neck) including biospy OUTPATIENT£1,275Yesn/aYes
EndoscopyDiagnostic Gastroscopy or Colonoscopy£2,630Yesn/aYes
Oral SurgerySurgical removal of impacted/buried tooth/teeth (general anaesthetic)£2,265YesYesYes
Oral SurgerySurgical removal of impacted/buried tooth/teeth OUTPATIENT£1,400YesYesYes
ENTGrommit Insertion (over 12)£2,028Yesn/aYes
ENTGrommit Insertion (under 12)£1,988Yesn/aYes
ENTAdenoidectomy (under 12)£2,100Yesn/aYes
ENTAdenoidectomy (over 12)£2,200Yesn/aYes
ENTTonsillectomy (under 12)£2,425Yesn/aYes
ENTTonsillectomy (over 12)£2,575Yesn/aYes
General SurgeryHaemorrhoid / Piles Banding£1,365Yesn/aYes
UrologyTURP - Prostate Reduction Surgery£5,600Yesn/aYes
UrologyResection of Bladder (including cystoscopy)£5,200Yesn/aYes
UrologyNephrectomy - unilateral (open)£6,200Yesn/aYes
UrologyNephrectomy - unilateral (laparoscopic)£5,300Yesn/aYes
UrologyCircumcision (child)£2,000Yesn/aYes
UrologyCircumcision (adult)£2,300Yesn/aYes
GynaecologyLaproscopic hysterectomy£5,930YesYesYes
GynaecologyHysteroscopy (uterus examination) (local anaesthetic)£2,445YesYesYes
DiagnosticsUtrasound guided injection (in Radiology)£811Non/aNo
DiagnosticsMRI 1 part£375Non/aNo
DiagnosticsMRI 1 part with Contrast£425Non/aNo
DiagnosticsMRI 2 part£590Non/aNo
DiagnosticsMRI 2 part with Contrast£655Non/aNo
DiagnosticsMRI 3 part£1,045Non/aNo
DiagnosticsMRI 3 part with Contrast£1,110Non/aNo
DiagnosticsCT 1 Part £505Non/aNo
DiagnosticsCT 1 Part with Contrast£558Non/aNo
DiagnosticsCT 2 Part £825Non/aNo
DiagnosticsCT 2 Part with Contrast£878Non/aNo
DiagnosticsCT 3 Part £1,010Non/aNo
DiagnosticsCT 3 Part with Contrast£1,063Non/aNo
DiagnosticsXray (standard)£71Non/aNo