Paediatric Services

Our dedicated paediatric service allows families peace of mind during their child’s treatment with care from specialist paediatric consultants and nurses. We offer both a general paediatric out-patient service, together with in-patient care for surgical interventions.


We offer a number of treatments for children and teenagers. Some of those we can help with include:

As an inpatient (over 12 years old), we allocate each child a private room with washing and showering facilities. Our aim is simple – to make every child’s stay with us as comfortable and as short as possible. With the help of our friendly consultants and nurses we strive to provide a comforting child friendly and a caring visit, reducing fears and anxieties for children and parents alike.

We see children from 0-18 years through our outpatient services. Children under 12 will be taken to the Children's Ward for the duration of their stay.

Dr Ravi Chinthapalli- Consultant Paediatrician

Dr Chinthapalli cares for children from infancy to 18 years old with all general paediatric problems. These include patients with feeding difficulties, respiratory symptoms, bowel complaints, neurological disturbance and cardiovascular pathology. His particular interests include looking after sick infants and children with heart disease, though he has accumulated very broad experience across the general paediatric spectrum in over a decade as a full-time NHS general paediatrician.